I’ve written for a number of gaming magazines and websites over the years, including PC Gamer, IGN, Retro Gamer, PC Format, Official Xbox Magazine and the venerable CVG, but I’m perhaps best remembered for five years spent at the captain’s table of PC Zone, which for a time was the best-selling PC games mag in the UK. Since those heady days I’ve launched and edited a number of print and digital gaming publications, among them the long-running Eve Online magazine Eon and meaty multi-format bible Games™.

Away from the flimsy world of magazines I’ve written an inconsequential stack of half-baked fiction and edited two books on the subject of Eve Online: The Art of Eve and Into the Second Decade – celebrating Eve’s fifth and tenth anniversaries respectively.

Aside from the odd Eurogamer article and NDA-obsessed consultation assignment, I fill my time bringing up a rather energetic 2-year-old, supporting the lovely Mrs Shoe in her esports efforts and catching up (often late at night) on the games I never had the time to complete because I was always too busy writing about them.