Playing catch up

I have so many games to catch up on I’m starting to question whether I’ll ever manage to get through them all. I’m not just talking about the dozens of titles I’ve picked up in Steam sales that I know deep down I’ll never properly play, but as someone who claims to be an expert in the field there are games I really should have completed by now.  Games like Mass Effect and Dead Space, neither of which I’ve made a concerted attempt to finally complete, in spite of them being right up my gaming alley and boasting multiple sequels and add-ons that I’m keen to get through. Hell, I’m still on the first Assassin’s Creed for chrissakes!

Once more onto the bridge...

Once more onto the bridge…

In my defence I’ve had a severe attachment to Eve Online for many years (and in the last year its PS3 spin-off Dust 514), but that’s a fairly lame excuse for someone in my line of work. So from today I’m going to make a pledge to not just tinker with games until I think I’ve grasped their character, but to know them inside and out. I shall start with the aforementioned Dead Space trilogy, because with a six-week baby keeping me up most nights (though not nearly as much as she should), the sleep deprivation should add considerable flavour to the adventure.

Ishimura here I come… again.

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