Please crash as soon as you get green position lights

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about X: Beyond The Frontier – far more than in any of the sequels – is just how laid back it is. From the non-existent flight model (your X-perimental shuttle responds better to a knackered old keyboard than it does an expensive joystick) to the sleep-inducing automated voice that greets you as you dock at a station, Egosoft’s debut space trader seems intent on lulling the player into a semi-conscious state – perhaps to prepare pilots for what can be a fairly ponderous journey.

Unfortunately it’s when you are at your most relaxed that you are most in danger. I refer of course to perils of the siren-like docking music, which acts as a kind of aural pillow upon which you can rest your trade-addled mind. In concert with the hypnotic green “position lights” the game’s Blade Runner-inspired OST has caused me to collide with many a station entrance on account of being too catatonic to slow down. On the plus side, pulling out or managing to get your speed down in the nick of time can be a genuine thrill. Given how secondary combat is to the game, perhaps it’s just as well.

Here’s how it should be done:

5 thoughts on “Please crash as soon as you get green position lights

  1. Is my name still in the credits? It should be. This was the first game I was properly credited in as a consultant (or something), after providing an in-depth assessment of the game at alpha stage.

      • No – my name should be in the credits in the actual game itself. I remember seeing it at the time (I still have my finished, boxed copy of the original though not sure if it works in Win7). It was an independent evaluation I did for THQ when I was working on PCZ. The developers loved my report because I think it helped them progress at a point when internal politics was holding the game back. I was told that they were so happy with it that they gave me a credit (which made me proud) 🙂

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