A long overdue update

Gosh. It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote an update. That’s pretty shoddy, even by my standards. The thing is that I have appeared to have reached an age where as soon as something happens that might be worth mentioning here, it gets forgotten about until something else vaguely interesting happens. And the bigger a backlog becomes, of course, the easier it is to overlook.

Let me try and remember though: Well, there’s another Little Shoe under construction – which is pretty hard to ignore, given the volume of baby clothes being dragged from the attic on an almost daily basis. We also moved from Salisbury to the waterside fringes of Southampton, which hasn’t been entirely successful. It’s a nice enough place, just not the sort of area you want to walk around in a Pompey shirt – as I’ve been known to do on occasion.

On the work/games front, with Little Shoe #1 recently starting pre-school, I’ve been writing a few more bits and bobs for Eurogamer and other sites, as well as helping out with some community content for EA. Things haven’t progressed an inch on any of the book projects I’ve promised myself to start/continue, but I remain hopeful on that front.

Oh, yeah, and last year I got my name in The Witcher 3 credits (look, I even have a Mobygames profile), which gave me a warm glow of satisfaction proportional to a cold week spent in Warsaw.

Which reminds me, I really should finish The Witcher 1…

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